Who We Are


We are members of Synagogues in the Chicago metropolitan area who are concerned for our extended synagogue family.

Our members come from a wide range of professions and backgrounds. We are firm believers in the 2nd Amendment and our G-d given right to defend ourselves, our families as well as our extended Synagogue family. 

Our mission is to promote safety, lend support, and provide professional training and education
to members of the Jewish community in order to help secure our homes, workplaces, synagogues, and beyond.

We have members who are volunteers at a growing number of synagogues.
​If volunteers from your synagogue are interested in joining our group, please contact us at info@cclshulmembers.org


What We Do

Since the Illinois concealed carry act was passed in 2013, an increasing number of individuals have been taking it upon themselves to exercise their second amendment right to keep and bear arms for self-defense and protection in compliance with the law.

In light of the worldwide threats and attacks on the Jewish community, it has become clear that we need to take responsibility and act to keep our Synagogues safe as well. Our members take these responsibilities very seriously.

Considering that the training requirements for the concealed carry license are minimal at best, we found that there was an urgent need for CCL holders to obtain additional training in order to safely and competently carry a concealed weapon.  

This is where CCL Shul Members stepped in.  We saw the need for consistent, standardized, quality firearms training.  We were founded to provide multi-level standardized training and education to our members. Standardized training has the distinct advantage of making sure that members have the skills necessary to effectively deal with a deadly threat.  We are very fortunate to have top-tier trainers from law enforcement, security contractor and professional medical backgrounds providing us with the highest quality training available.

Today, CCL Shul Members has expanded their critical support capabilities with a whole host of low-cost, subsidized training classes, seminars, vetting programs and consulting services that enhance the security and safety of the Jewish community.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Stop The Bleed training

  • CPR & Tactical Combat Casualty Care training

  • Self Defense / Security Law seminars

  • Developing & managing Shul security programs

  • Security greeter / Shul security training

  • Synagogue Safety Team member vetting

  • Synagogue Safety Officer Certification Program 

  • Professional security planning, training & consulting services 

  • DHS Non-Profit Security Grant Program support and consulting

  • Threat Intelligence working groups and seminars

  • Active Threat Firearms training & certification

  • Firearms simulator / decision-making training

  • Range Safety Officer / firearms safety training  

  • Men's Urban Survival Retreats

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