Help Support Us!

Due to the recent attacks on Jews, as well as a worldwide uptick in Anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish hate crimes, many in the Chicago Jewish community are concerned for their safety and the safety of their synagogues. It is a basic human right to defend ourselves, our families as well as our extended Synagogue family. CCL Shul Members believe that Jews need to act in order to keep our Synagogues safe from violent attacks because nobody will do it for us.

Among the most vulnerable are those that publicly wear the uniform of our faith; the outwardly Jewish Torah-Observant community. CCL Shul Members strives to promote safety and repel attacks by bringing professional quality training, education and expertise to our volunteer members so that they can become guardians of Israel in their own Synagogues. 

In order to do this effectively, we need access to training facilities, trainers, safety equipment, training simulators, insurance and venues for our training classes and seminars. We need your help to obtain the resources we need to protect ourselves, our families, and our synagogues from the evil that has sought to destroy our people in every generation. It is time for Jews around the world to get off the bench and take an active role in providing for their own community's safety. Won't you join us in becoming a guardian of Israel?