Safety - Support - Education - Training

Safety - Support - Education - Training

Information. Education. Training.


Preparedness is the best tool in an emergency.


We are citizens of the Chicago Metropolitan Area & surrounding suburbs. We rely on each other's strengths and differences to make a safer today for everyone.

Our mission is to promote safety, wellbeing, and support to faith-based communities. 


When we come together, all of our community benefits.

Join Us!

CCL Shul Members is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 to empower the Jewish community to protect and defend their homes, shuls, and communities through training, education, information sharing, security awareness, preparedness & support.

Training Events

Street Safe

Back In Action

Injured Shooter

Defending Your Castle

Class TBD

Class TBD

Stress Inoculation Active Shooter

Practical and Tactical Training

New to Guns (Women Only)

Have Gun Will Travel

Handgun Fundamentals

Stop the Bleed

Know the Law

Force on Target Training Class

Low Light Training

Advanced Hands On Greeter Training

CPR Training

Active Shooter Responders Training

Close Quarters Combat Training

Self Defense and The Law (Part 1)

Self Defense and the Law (Part 2)

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Know the Law